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Example Scripts...

Example Scripts
Trypa can trigger actions based on AppleScript. These actions occur instantaneously because they don't need to launch external apps or shortcuts to function.  Copy and Paste the scripts
in bold below directly into the "Run a Script" field in your trigger and edit them to get your desired action, items in blue are items within each script you can edit. These are just examples, when you find other useful scripts please send them over.

These are basic AppleScripts and allow you to use many of the standard functions and standard scripting additions. Because Trypa is sandboxed you will not be able to perform destructive tasks (shutting down or force quitting etc). To do more complex functions see below.

beep 10

(this will beep the computer 10 times)

say "hello"

(this will say hello with the default voice)

say "hello again"​ using "Alex" speaking rate 140 pitch 42 modulation 60

(this will say hello with specific voice configurations, ensure the voice is downloaded on your system

set the clipboard to "Data Deleted"

(this replaces the current clipboard data with newly defined data)

set volume output volume 100

(this will set the computer volume to maximum from 0 to 100)

set volume output volume 0

(this will mute the computer volume)

open location ""

(this will open a URL in your default browser)

display dialog "This is an Alert!"  buttons {"Understood"} default button "Understood"

(this will display an alert on the screen, requiring the user to click it)


Shell Scripts

Shell script are scripts that are normally run in the These can be triggered directly from Trypa and can do some more complex things than the basic scripts. Because Trypa is sandboxed you will not be able to perform superuser (sudo) tasks. To do more complex functions see below. 

do shell script "pmset sleepnow"

(this will put the computer to sleep)

do shell script "pmset displaysleepnow"

(this will put the screen to sleep, keeping the computer awake)

do shell script "networksetup -setairportpower en1 off"

(this will turn your wifi off, change to on for on)

do shell script "open /System/Applications"

(this will open a specific folder in the Finder)

do shell script "afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Sosumi.aiff"

(this will play a specific sound)

Chaining Multiple Commands together

You can chain multiple items together using "&" but it's important to note that commands will execute in reverse, so put any delay at the end, to make it trigger at the beginning.

say "hello" & delay 3

Wait 3 seconds and say hello

Triggering Python and Pearl Scripts

You can also trigger Python and Pearl scripts. For security reasons, these must be kept in the Trypa Documents folder. This allows you to perform more complex functions such as triggering web services etc.

do shell script "python ~/Documents/"

Run a python script

do shell script "pearl ~/Documents/"

Run a pearl script