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Trypa Name

Getting Started
Trypa is a powerful, but simple to use automation tool.

It allows you to trigger actions based on constantly monitored triggers.

Add your first Trigger
What do you need: You will need USB stick or thumb drive (or substitute another USB device like a mouse) and set your system volume to not muted.

What will it do: This trigger will speak a phrase if someone tries to plug a USB Stick into your computer.

1 Launch Trypa and click the "Getting Started..." button in the menubar and click "Add Trigger..."


2 Pick a Trigger - A trigger is a something that Trypa watches, in this example a "USB Disk/Thumb"

3 Choose the Trigger type, either watch for the Trigger to Connect (plugging a USB thumb drive in), or to Disconnect (removing a USB Thumbdrive), in this case choose Connect.

4 Chose an Action, this is what Trypa will do if the trigger is activated (e.g. someone plugs the USB thumb drive in)

Actions can be simple, play a beep, speak a phrase, give an notification, or more complex, launching apps, files, shortcuts, automations or scripts. In this case check speak phrase, Trypa will automatically choose a phrase to say.

5 Start Monitoring, press Save, close the window and click the Start Monitoring button.

Thats it, if someone is brave enough to plug in a USB stick, the action you defined in set 4 will be tripped.

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