Fugit v.1.36 (Sep 13, 2021)

• Other Fixes

Fugit v.1.35 (Sep 9, 2021)

• Bubblegum Theme

• Other Fixes

Fugit v.1.30 (Sep 8, 2021)

• Optionally Hide the Dock and Menu

Save some space in your dock, a discrete contextual menu replaces the Menu bar.

• Optional Gel Cover to give Fugit that lick-able look

• Now automatically hides the window controls when Fugit is in the background for an even cleaner look


• Coffee LCD Tint, looks great with bananas


• Bubblegum LCD Tint


• Silky Smooth resizing animations


• MacOS 12 Monterey improvements

Fugit v.1.20 (Aug 20, 2021)

•Date Display

The most requested feature has now been added, todays date is now optionally displayed to the right of the clock

• Black and White LCD Tint

A LCD tint that automatically configures its self based on system dark or light mode being selected

• Green VFD Tint

A LCD theme based on a Vacuum Fluorescent Display, this replaces the original green tint

• Hide the Seconds

Hide all distractions by removing the second counter

• New Preference Pane

Improved options, discoverability and usability


• MacOS 12 Monterey compatibility

• MacOS 10.14 compatibility

• Increased Efficiency

Reduced footprint and even lower energy usage

• New Defaults for New users

New users will have the date visible and the seconds hidden using the system accent

Fugit v.1.10 (Aug 2, 2021)

• Configurable LCD tint options

• Floating the window no longer requires app relaunch

• Improvement to 12/24 hr behaviour

• Accessibility improvements in light mode

• MacOS 10.15 Compatibility

Fugit v.1.00 (Jul 30, 2021)

First Release