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Trigger shortcuts based on Environmental, Hardware and System factors.



Any Mac

MacOS 13.1 (Ventura)

Key Features:

  • Simple to use, set up your first trigger in a few seconds

  • Powerful Environmental, Hardware and System watchers - see below

  • Trigger MacOS Shortcuts & pass input to the shortcuts.

  • Access Trypa though directly to disable triggers and read watchers

  • iCloud Trigger Syncing

  • Intel and Apple Silicon native

  • Sandboxed with a hardened runtime

  • Teeny footprint, let than 7MB

Want to try Trypa out? The lite version is fully functional but limited to a single trigger

How does Trypa work?

trypa main.png

 =         +      


A Trigger



What can you watch for?

• Time and Date, specific time and date or on days of the week

• Location Detection, use geofences to detect when you enter or leave any location

• Keyboard Shortcuts and mouse / trackpad actions

• Apple Music (Track, Album, Artist and Genre matching)

• Sunrise / Sunset Detection

• USB devices (plugged in or removed)

Network Interface (wifi, ethernet etc)

Displays (Number of connected displays)

• Audio Devices (AirPods or headphones connected etc)

• App Detection (launching or quitting)

• Focus Detection, check if focus mode is enabled

• Screen Lock, check if you screen is locked or not

• Trigger below a specific battery % or check Low Power Mode

Empty Drive Space detection, check when your boot drive is getting too full

Mounted / Unmounted Drive detection, look for specific drives or disk images being plugged in and removed

File/Folder detection, check for new files or missing files

Check inside a text file and look for a matching string

Thermal Stress, watch for computer working too hard or cooling down

Free RAM, watch for when your RAM is being used

WIFI, check for a specific wifi network, great for location adjustment

What can you Trigger?

1000's of Actions are already built into to shortcuts, including:

SMS or FaceTime


mac icons_0.5x.png

Control Homekit Devices


Run terminal commands


Create or delete an item


Trigger IFTTT  and Zapier automations


Send a Tweet

or post something


Speak something at full volume


Take a webcam picture 


Turn the brightness down


Backup or copy files

Want More?

1000's of ready made

Shortcuts here...

See Trypa in action

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