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Name-O-Tron v.1.1.2 (7th March 2020)

• Minor Fixes 

Name-O-Tron v.1.1.1 (6th March 2020)

It's a big update! Introducing Mutators that apply complex logic effects to your names, and lots of other improvements.


• Alliteration Mutator: Samantha Sommerton, Terrance Trelawney

• Double Barrelled Mutator: Fancy names like Sarah Ponsonby-Smyth

• Informal First Name Mutator: Sam instead of Samantha, Mike instead of Michael

• Title Mutator: Automatically add Mr, Mrs, Dame, General, Professor etc.

• Shake to undo: Tapped generate too fast and missed the name? just shake to go back to the last one

• Share button (this replaced the copy button) so share to clipboard or messages etc.

Name-O-Tron v.1.0.1 (1st March 2020)

Improvements to popularity balancing

Name-O-Tron v.1.0. (29th Feb 2020)

First Release

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