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Puff-O-Tron is easiest way to log inhaler usage from your phone or watch.


• One tap to log the inhaler usage to HomeKit


• Optionally share your inhaler usage and current mood with a family member


• An integrated Apple Watch app, so you don't need your phone on you


• Haptic feedback on iOS and WatchOS

download link from the app store

What People are Saying

App Store Reviews

"This app does ex­act­ly what you need it to do, and noth­ing else. Sim­ple, con­cise. And there’s an Apple Watch app in­clud­ed, which does the same thing." 


App Store (USA) Review for

Puff-O-Tron 2020

Who had any idea making random names could be so much fun!




App Store (USA) Review for

NameO-Tron 2020

Great! Works perfectly, the watch app is a bonus as the kids can’t have their phone at school. 




App Store (AU) Review for

Puff-O-Tron 2020

Average Score 5/5 

Average Score 5/5 

Average Score 5/5 

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