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  • How do get connected to Apple Health data?
    When you first launch the app it will ask you if you want to connect the data. If you accidentally decline this, you will then need to authorise it manually. This is done in the setting app on your iPhone: Launch the iPhone settings app Navigate to privacy Navigate to Health Navigate to Puff-O-Tron Enable Puff-O-Tron to write inhaler data Return to Puff-O-Tron and it will all work!
  • How can I access historic inhaler data?
    This is stored in the Apple Health app on your phone, it's not kept in Puff-O-Tron. Launch the Health app Click Browse on the bottom right Type Puff in the search bar Click Inhaler Usage Optionally add Inhaler usage in your Favorates, so it appear on the first screen Get more information about the Apple Health app here :
  • What devices does Puff-O-Tron work on?
    Any iPhone running iOS 13 or later, watch extension requires watchOS 5 or later. Note: Puff-O-Tron does not work on iPad as they don't support health data.
  • How can I enable Puff-O-Tron on my Apple Watch?
    This is easy! Launch the Watch app on your iPhone (makling sure your watch is paired with your phone) Scroll down to Puff-O-Tron in the My watch section Turn "Show App on Apple Watch" on The app will appear on your watch
  • Do you access or keep my Health data?
    No, the app just transfers data to the Apple HealthKit system, this data may be backed up with with your phone backups and also to iCloud of you have this enabled. Please see the privacy policy here
  • Why can I only log 10 puff's maximum at a time?
    This is the maximum typical dose, you can log the max of 10 multiple times if needed.
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