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Name-O-Tron, is the ultimate tool for generating random English names. Used by authors and creatives around the world, and now available as an iOS app for iPhone and iPad.


Just pick a traditional first name gender, adjust the name popularity and press generate. If you find a name you like, lock it and and explore how it looks with the other names. 

There are billions of possible combinations.

download link from the app store

Literally billions of name combinations.

• Dial the eccentricity up to the maximum

• Finally unisex first names (Alex, Sam, Blair etc)

• Lock the first or last name to hone in on the best possible name

• Press the speaker to hear the name spoken

• 4 Mutators! Alliteration Mutator (the fun one), Double Barrelled Mutator,  Informal First Name Mutator, Title Mutator.

• Shake to undo: Tapped generate too fast and missed the name? Just shake to go back to the last one

• Share button to share to clipboard or messages etc.

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What People are Saying

App Store Reviews

"This app does ex­act­ly what you need it to do, and noth­ing else. Sim­ple, con­cise. And there’s an Apple Watch app in­clud­ed, which does the same thing." 


App Store (USA) Review for

Puff-O-Tron 2020

Who had any idea making random names could be so much fun!




App Store (USA) Review for

NameO-Tron 2020

Great! Works perfectly, the watch app is a bonus as the kids can’t have their phone at school. 




App Store (AU) Review for

Puff-O-Tron 2020

Average Score 5/5 

Average Score 5/5 

Average Score 5/5 

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